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Being born with a disability is difficult enough, but it’s not always easy to navigate the maze of state and federal laws when dealing with special education. A qualified lawyer who specializes in educating children with disabilities can represent your child and ensure you’re getting the best possible services for them. By hiring and having Special Education Attorney is essential lawyer, you can feel confident that you’re doing everything possible to help your child get the education they deserve.

Who is a Special Education Lawyer?

A special education lawyer is an attorney who works with families of children with disabilities. This attorney normally deals with cases related to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). They might provide legal representation for families related to special education matters and the development of Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). These cases can involve disputes over evaluations, enrollment in schools, programming and funding. If a family disagrees with what their child’s school district is providing, a litigation specialist can represent them during due process hearings.

What Does a Special Education Lawyer Do?


If there’s a dispute between a school district and a parent over what program is best for their child, an attorney can help resolve the conflict. They will arrange a “due process hearing” where evidence and testimony is submitted to an administrative law judge who decides whether the program is appropriate. The judge can make recommendations, but it’s up to the school district to make the final determination.


Special education lawyers can help resolve disputes between parents and school districts. They will meet with the parties to develop a settlement agreement that they feel will be acceptable to all parties. This agreement might include payment of damages or the acquisition of a new program. If the disputes aren’t resolved, the attorney may file a lawsuit.

Evaluate Program

In order for children to receive special services for their disabilities, schools must conduct an evaluation that proves their need for those services. The evaluation may include an independent evaluation, a psycho-educational evaluation or an IEP team review. There are many ways to evaluate a child, but defense attorneys know the value of thorough evaluations because it’s up to standard practice for their clients to receive services under IDEA.

Arrange Subsidized Services

Special education attorneys help parents and children with disabilities who need extra assistance in school. They can help them enroll in a program that provides education assistance that is provided through a Medicaid waiver. A Medicaid waiver requires private schools, “public-private partnerships” and other organizations to provide discounted services to students with disabilities. These services may include special education, health care or transportation.

Where to Get a Special Education Lawyer

There are many special education law firms in your area, but you should use a local attorney who specializes in representing students with disabilities. Remember to check if they meet the qualifications and have experience in fighting on behalf of children with disabilities.

Hiring a special education lawyer to represent you and your child is an important step in getting the special education assistance they deserve. You shouldn’t have to handle the legalities of special education yourself since there’s so much to handle already. Instead, a qualified attorney can help ensure your child has access to the educational assistance they need and help you overcome any challenges that come up along the way.