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Hiring a renowned theft lawyer is vital if you have been charged with a crime such as theft. These charges carry serious criminal penalties and can negatively impact your reputation. In Hollywood, a professional can explain the value of alleged stolen property and fight to protect your rights. Theft-related convictions can land you in jail for years or even face life in prison. A skilled theft lawyer in Los Angeles can help you avoid such a fate.

Depending on the amount of stolen property, a person may face a petty theft charge or a grand larceny charge. A petty theft charge can mean taking property for personal use, whereas a grand larceny charge is theft that may carry a prison sentence of up to 25 years. In addition to the hefty fines, a petty theft charge may involve the possession of a car, boat, or other vehicle worth more than $1,000. A reputable theft lawyer can challenge the prosecution’s version of events and get your car back.

Texas’s state penal code defines theft as the unlawful taking of property without permission or the intent to pay for it. If you are accused of theft, the amount of stolen property is determined by the state penal code. If the value of the property is less than $20,000, the person may face a sentence of 180 days to two years in jail and/or a fine of $10,000 or less. In some cases, a Texas theft lawyer will negotiate with prosecutors to reduce or eliminate the severity of the charges.

Theft charges are serious and can affect your reputation and your career. If you have been charged with a crime, it is imperative to consult a Theft Lawyer as soon as possible. In most cases, it takes only a few hours to hire an experienced theft defense lawyer. There are several other factors to consider, but the key is to contact an experienced attorney as early as possible. For example, a skilled lawyer will be able to help you navigate the complex legal process, as a conviction will greatly impact your reputation and personal life.

A Theft lawyer is necessary for the defense of any crime. A felony theft charge carries the perception of dishonesty that could damage your reputation. Many employers and licensing bodies will also be suspicious of someone who has been charged with theft. A skilled lawyer can work to reduce penalties and ensure a fair trial. With the right legal counsel, a felony theft charge can be reduced. It is important to retain a good defense attorney who is familiar with the criminal justice system.